Cookies Policy

1.- Definition of cookies


Cookies are small text files stored locally in the cache of your Internet browser. When you visit the same site again, these cookies allow the website to recognize your browser and thus store your user preferences.


2.- Types and function of cookies

  • 1st Party: Sent from a computer or domain managed by the website owner.
  • 3rd Party: Sent from a computer or domain not managed by the website owner.
  • Session: Collect data while the user browses a website.
  • Permanent: Allow access to the user’s terminal data for a period established by the person responsible for the cookie.
  • Technical: Allow the user to browse a website and use different options or services.
  • Customisation: Allow the user to access the service with certain functions.
  • Analysis: Allow monitoring and analysis of the user when browsing websites to which they are linked, to make improvements based on aggregated data.
  • Advertising: Allow the management of the publisher’s advertising spaces based on certain criteria, such as edited content or frequency of access.


3.- Table of the type of cookies used by the website and their purpose


NID Google 6 weeks Contain an identification that Google uses to remember user preferences and other information, such as the language chosen
OGPC Google 1 month Google uses this cookie to provide services and extract anonymous browsing information
DV Google 24 hours Google uses this cookie to provide services and extract anonymous browsing information
1P_JAR Google 1 week Transfer data to Google
OTZ Google adwords 1 month Advertising cookie, allows to optimize and personalize the ads shown when browsing
CONSENT Youtube 20 years and 1 month Indicates that use of it has been accepted
Cookie_notice_accepted 1st Party 2 weeks It serves to remember if the warning message about cookies has been accepted or not, and that it stops being displayed for the duration of browsing the website
utma Google Analytics 2 years Distinguish users and sessions
utmb Google Analytics 30 minutes Determine new sessions or visits
utmc Google Analytics Session Determine if the user is in a new session or visit
utmt Google Analytics 10 minutes Limit the percentage of requests
utmz Google Analytics 6 months It is responsible for storing the traffic source that explains how the user has reached the web
ANID Google Analytics 6 months Its function is to collect statistics on user activity on the website


-> The use of cookies can be disabled by configuring the browser options installed on your computer. However, disabling the use of cookies may affect the functionalities offered by our website.


You can configure the accepted cookies by clicking here.


4.- Identification of those responsible for cookies and processing of the data obtained


SUNBOX DISTRIBUTION, S.L. (“SUNBOX”) is responsible for 1st party cookies and processing the data obtained.  The contact email is:


The parties responsible for third-party cookies are GoogleGoogle Analytics, Google Ads/Adwords and YouTube.